Paul Harris Fellows

Paul Harris Fellows

The Rotary International Foundation funds many of its fine humanitarian works through individual and club contributions. A donation of $1,000 entitles an individual or club to name a “Paul Harris Fellow” in honor of the Founder of Rotary.

There are several ways to become a Paul Harris Fellow but three are most common through the Jefferson Club.

First, a family, estate or associates can make a RI Foundation contribution of $1,000 in the name of an individual who will then bear the Paul Harris Fellow distinction.

Second, and most commonly throughout the Rotary world, individual Rotarians contribute $1,000 to the Foundation. This is often done through the EREY program where “Every Rotarian” donates $100 “Every Year” for 10 years until the Paul Harris distinction is earned. Many Rotarians contribute more or less to the Foundation annually – it is totally voluntary.

And thirdly, for several years, The Jefferson Rotary Club has established a tradition of naming one Paul Harris Fellow annually through a $1,000 contribution to the RI Foundation. The award is usually presented at our mid-summer honors banquet. The selection criteria is based on a history of service in the four avenues – Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service and International Service. The selection committee is comprised of the past Paul Harris Fellows and the recipient is unknown until the evening of the Annual Awards Banquet.

Being named a Paul Harris Fellow is the highest honor the Jefferson Rotary bestows on a member.

Jefferson’s Paul Harris Fellows are:

1982 Don Streim
1984 Bill Bluege
1985 Dick Marshall
1987 Don La Dien
1988 Ray Quandt
1988 Marv Havill
1989 Ray Krek
1990 Jerry Schuld
1991 Clarence Frohmader
1992 Dell Olson
1993 Bob Coffman
1996 Gary Myers
1997 Steve Lehmann
1997 Bob Bauch
1998 Bruce Freeberg
1999 Denis Weidenhoeft
2000 Henry Fischer
2001 Bob Niebler
2002 Amy Turner
2003 Marv Havill
2004 Tom Monogue
2006 Sandee Macht
2006 Kevin Brumm
2007 Sue Johnson
2007 Mark Johnson
2007 Dr. David Violk
2007 Del Chmielewski
2007 Arvind Shah
2008 Sue Johnson
2008 Steve Lewis
2008/09 Sandee Macht
2008 Nancy Carmichael
2008 Jim van Lieshout
2008 Jeff Johnson
2008/09 Janet Werner
2010/11 Toby Tully, Jr.
2013 Joann Miller

2013 Steve Lewis

2014 Steve Lewis

2015 Joann Miller

2015 Steve Lewis