Become a Member

It isn’t difficult to join the Jefferson Rotary.

The best way to become a Rotarian is to contact an existing member and express your desire to attend a meeting or two as a guest of the club. If Rotary is to your liking, then let your “sponsoring” Rotarian know that you would like to be considered for membership and he/she will take care of the rest.

The club does have a formal process for dealing with new memberships, but it isn’t really a complex as it appears below:

1. The name of the prospective member, proposed by an active, senior active or past member of the club or by the Membership Development committee, is submitted to the board in writing, through the club secretary. The proposal is kept confidential throughout the preliminary procedure, and the candidate, himself/herself, is not necessarily aware that he/she is being considered.

Items considered when proposing a new member include:

Is his/her character and reputation above reproach?
Is the reputation of his/her firm exemplary?
Is he/she “service-minded”?
Is he/she able to meet the financial obligations of membership?
Is he/she able to attend weekly meetings regularly?

2. The board requests the Classifications committee to report on the eligibility of the proposed member from the standpoint of classifications and the Membership committee to investigate and report on his/her eligibility from the standpoint of character, business and social standing, and general eligibility.

3. The board considers and approves or disapproves the recommendations of the Classifications and Membership committees and then notifies the proposer, through the club secretary, of its decision.

4. If the board’s decision is favorable, the proposer, together with one or more members of the Rotary Information committee, informs the prospective member of the purposes of the Rotary and of the privileges and responsibilities of membership in the club. The prospective Rotarian is then asked to fill out and submit an application form for membership and to give permission for his/her name and proposed classification to be published to the club in the Spoke newsletter.

5. If no written objection to the proposal, stating reasons, is received by the board from any club member within ten days after publication of the name of the prospective member, the latter, upon payment of his/her admission fee, is considered to be elected to membership

6. If an objection is filed, the board considers it a a regular or special meeting and votes on the proposed member. If the “no” votes fall below a majority, the prospective member is elected to membership.

7. The club secretary issues a membership packet and reports the new member’s name to Rotary International. The new Rotarian is inducted soon after becoming a member at a regular meeting of the club.

Contact the Jefferson Rotary about becoming a member